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Angelica (manga)
Kanji アンジェリカ
Romanji Anjerika
Race Cyborg
Gender Female
Professional Status
Handler Marco Toni
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Japanese Hitomi Terakado (S1)

Kana Hanazawa (S2)

English Monica Rial

Angelica (アンジェリカ anjerika) was a child Cyborg assasin in the Social Welfare Agency. She was the first cyborg to be created by the Agency. Her Handler was Marco. She suffered serious injuries in the course of a terrorist bombing and later died, mourned by many of the staff of Section 2 with whom she had become close. The Angelica/Marco fratello exclusively used Steyr-Mannlicher weapons including the AUG A2, TMP compact submachine gun, M-A1 pistol and the AUG H-BAR LMG.


Angelica was orginally named Angelina. Before she came to the Agency, she was almost killed in a hit-and-run accident staged by her father to collect the life insurance he had on her. She thus became the first girl converted to a cyborg. Originally, Angelica remembered her family, but was later conditioned to forget them.
Angelica's design in Season Two
Cloth StatueAdded by Cloth Statue


Angelica had pale skin and long, straight, dark hair, with box-cut bangs that framed her face. Her eyes were dark grey. She often wore a long-sleeve shirt with pants, and she wore a small ribbon headband just above her bangs.


Angelica (Gunslinger Girl)
Angelica, as she appears in Season One of the anime.
FratellaAdded by Fratella
Angelica was originally a gregarious and outgoing young girl. However, the conditioning she underwent after joining the Agency caused her to become more quiet and withdrawn, which alienated her from her handler, Marco.


As the first cyborg to undergo the conditioning process, she became the first cyborg to suffer the deleterious effects, causing her to often lose her memory of certain events, sometimes even moments after they occurred. She suffered serious injuries while on a mission at the end of season 1, but manages to slowly recover and eventually rejoin the other girls, despite the doubts of some Section 2 members. In the manga, Angelica's memory and function continue to deteriorate in a manner similar to those suffering Alzheimer's Disease. She passes away after reconciling with Marco and trying to comfort him with the Prince of Pasta story, despite no longer being able to recognize him.


  • Angelica's birth name, Angelina, is one of the many derivtives of the Italian female name "Angela" (masculine is "Angelo", also used as common name),  wich means "Angel".
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