Beretta Model 38
300px-Beretta 38
Side view of an Beretta Model 38
Professional Status
Personal Status
The Italian Beretta 38 submachine gun uses 9mm ammunition and has a 32 round magazine. It has wooden stocks and is unusual in that it ejects spent casings to the left instead of the right. The weapon has two triggers, one for semi-automatic fire and one for full-automatic fire. It was used by the Italian (in particular by the division "Folgore") and German armies during WWII, the Germans were quite fond of its unusual accuracy for a SMG. After the fall of Mussolini, the production of this weapon increased. For this reason, the Beretta 38 was also often used by italian partisans.

In the animeEdit

One was used by Franco during the rescue attempt of Pinocchio and Cristiano.