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Book Four
Book Four
Cover of the fourth volume of the English release of the Gunslinger Girl manga series
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Personal Status

Claes experiences a normal day, though events result in some abnormal reactions. Triela deals with her loss to Pinocchio and makes a surprising new friend in Naples. A first generation cyborg, Beatrice, and her handler, Bernardo, help the SWA eliminate a rogue military group smuggling weapons to the terrorists.


  • Chapter 18: "Tiny Joy, Tearless Grief"
  • Chapter 19: "Mimi Machiavelli" (ミミ·マキャヴェリ, "Mimi Makyaveri"?)
  • Chapter 20: "Tosca" (トスカ, "Tosuka"?)
  • Chapter 21: "Clever Serpents, Innocent Doves" (「賢い蛇, 純真な鳩」, "Kashikoi Hebi, Junshin na Hato"?)
  • Chapter 22: "She is a Flower that Blossoms in Honesty's Light"

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