Book Seven
Book Seven
Cover of the seventh volume of the English release of the Gunslinger Girl manga series
Professional Status
Personal Status

Claes takes Petrushka around the Agency compound, but when Petrushka puts on Claes' glasses, Claes does not respond well. Claes is allowed to leave the compound on "vacation" to Lake Maggiore on the Italian-Swiss border. However, two bomb smugglers are detected trying to escape to Switzerland and Claes and Petrushka are sent to stop them. The people caught in Lake Maggiore were trying to kill the prosecutor trying the case of the people who killed Jean and Jose's family. Triela and Hilshire join Petrushka and Alessandro as Prosecutor Guellfi's protective detail and must try and prevent an attempt on her life.


  • Chapter 33: "The Girl's Miniature Garden" (彼女の箱庭 "Kanojo no Hakoniwa"?)
  • Chapter 34: "Promise" (約束 "Yakusoku"?)
  • Chapter 35: "Lingering Hope"
  • Chapter 36: "The Sheep and the Goats"
  • Chapter 37: "The Hero is Afraid" (勇者は恐れず "Yūsha wa Osorezu"?)