Book Ten
Book Ten
Cover of the tenth volume of the English release of the Gunslinger Girl manga series
Professional Status
Personal Status

The death of Angelica hits the handlers harder than the cyborgs, as they come to realize their charges are mortal. Triela chafes under Hilshire's desire to keep her from harm, since she believes her purpose is to protect him. They return to Naples to see Mario Bossi, and Triela learns the truth of what brought her to the SWA and the sacrifices Hilshire made for her in doing so. When he leaves her behind on a mission and is injured, she is torn between conflicting emotions of fear and love, especially as she feels her own life will end soon.

For Christmas, Jose takes Henrietta to the opera, but she is frightened by her inability to remember what they had done the previous Christmas. On New Year's Day, Alessandro and Petrushka trail Aaron Cicero, a person of interest in the killings of the prosecutors who are trying the terrorists that killed the Croce brothers' family in a bomb attack some five years prior. Jean, Giuse, Rico, and Henrietta capture Cicero and learn that the person who led the killings is back in Italy and planning to bomb Fiumicino Airport.


  • Chapter 51: "Light" (灯, "Tomoshibi")
  • Chapter 52: "Assassination Mission" (暗殺任務, "Ansatsu Ninmu")
  • Chapter 53: "Reunion" (再会, "Saikai")
  • Chapter 54: "Confession" (告白, "Kokuhaku")
  • Chapter 55: "A Flower of Good Will" (善意の花, "Zen'i no Hana")
  • Chapter 56: "Returning to the Birdcage" (鳥籠に還る, "Torikago ni Kaeru")
  • Chapter 57: "Vendetta" (ヴェンデッタ)
  • Chapter 58: "Vendetta" (ヴェンデッタ) (Part 2)