The American Colt M1911 is a 8 shot (7 in the magazine, 1 in the chamber) .45 ACP calibered semiautomatic handgun developed for the U.S. military to replace the Colt M1892 New Service Revolver which the military considered it underpowered with it's .38 caliber chambering. The Government Model comes with only basic features but modern models come in many variations and caliber choices. It served the U.S. military from 1911 to the mid 1980s when it was replaced by the Beretta M92FS, but the M1911A1 is still in use with Special Forces and in small numbers by the U.S. Marines. It is an excellent "Man-stopper" with is .45 caliber round, but the pistol is a bit on the hefty side and takes a good deal of training to use effectively.