Cristiano Savonarola was the executive in charge of Padania operations in the province of Milan. A patriot at heart, Cristiano had a deep respect for Italian culture, history, and political ideals.


Before he joined the Five Republics Faction, Cristiano was a low-level lieutenant for an unknown Italian crime syndicate. During that time, he befriended a former CIA agent known only as John Doe and encountered the boy who would later become Pinocchio.

Cristiano was directly responsible for a number of critical Padania missions, such as the assassination of Filippo Adani and the shutdown of the Messina Bridge project. In the months before his disappearance, Cristiano was blamed for the many major failures his operations experienced. As a result, a rival faction of Padania betrayed the location of his hideout to the Italian government in exchange for "certain conditions". Cristiano was resigned to his fate until Pinocchio convinced him to attempt escape. During the attempt by Section 2 to arrest Cristiano, he was briefly (and barely) rescued by Flanca and Franco in an attempted getaway by car. Moments later, their car crashed and fell into a nearby river after Flanca, who was driving the car, was shot several times by Angelica.

Cristiano is later shown to be alive, but paralyzed and has to communicate by a computer. He hires Giacomo Dante to wipe out the Social Welfare Agency to avenge Pinocchio's, Flanca's and Franco's death. [1]

Three months after the assault on the New Trino Power Plan, he is captured by the SWA. Remorseful over Pinocchio's death, he tells the SWA that the ringleader behind the Croce incident was Canova.

References Edit

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