Gender Female
Professional Status
Personal Status
Status Deceased


Franca (originally known as Caterina) is a "freelance terrorist" whos father died while imprisoned when Franca dropped out of college to file a lawsuit against his arrest. Determined that her father did not commit these crimes and that his death was a murder caused by a corrupted government, she sought Franco, a master bomb-crafter. Upon finding Franco she found him at his house drunk, believing that after his grandfather, the man who taught him everything about bomb-crafting, died he had no reason to live. Franca approached the drunk Franco and insisted he should work with her, At first telling her to leave he eventually gave in and paired up with her after finding her waiting outside his house all night. They have been partners ever since.


Franca, in spite of her profession as a terrorist, is actually quite calm and passive. She has a strong distaste for killing, only approving it when she deems it absolutely necessary, such as when refraining Pinocchio from killing a little girl when she saw them in his apartment in Montalcino to keep her from reporting them to the police. Not only that, she even apologizes to the girl when holding her hostage. She also has shown to worry about her companions, comforting them when she can.


Franca has pale skin, light blue eyes, and blond hair. Her hair is slightly over shoulder length although her bangs are trimmed right above the eyes. Usually keeping it straight, she is sometimes seen with it tied back in a ponytail. Her attire usually consists of boots, tight pants, sweaters, or t-shirts. She does however, seem to prefer a black jacket she is seen with when going out somewhere.