Gender Male
Professional Status
Personal Status
Status Deceased

Franco is an expert bomb-maker partnered to freelance terrorist Franca.


Very little is known of Franco's past, it is said that before his encounter with Flanca, he worked very closely with his grandfather learning the art of creating explosives. When his grandfather met his demise, Franco felt he had nothing to do, for working with his grandfather was his life. Seeing this, Franco began drinking excessively, barely leaving his house. It was only when the young woman Caterina came to him that he saw a reason to live. Caterina became his reason, as she explained her ideals she gave Franco the opportunity to side with her and aid her mission to bring down the Italian judicial branch. Early in this new partnership Franco gave Caterina a new alias as Franca. While Franca deals with other terrorist groups, usually having to do with selling them explosives Franco hand-makes, Franco acts as Flanca's bodyguard and of course, weapons expert.


Franco has tan skin, long black hair, and brown eyes. He is usually seen wearing a light jacket with an under shirt and jeans. He is also, one of the only main characters to have a beard.


Franco is very secluded and anti-social, most of the time only speaking when spoken to. He only seems to open up to Franca, being much more talkative towards her. Though he does start to show himself becoming more and more familiar with Pinocchio when spending time at Franca's vineyard.