Giacomo Dante Chapter 73

Giacomo Dante in Chapter 73

Giacomo Dante is a Padania terrorist who had been living abroad and recently return to Italy after Cristiano's assassination attempt. An ex-mercenary, Giacomo is a tactical genius who loves the thrill of battle and thus does not believe in cause of the Padania movement, only joining them to sooth his bloodlust of war. Jose and Jean seeks revenge against him as he was the one responsible for the bombings that killed their family and Jean's fiance, Sophia Durante. After his return, he unites the various Padania factions against their common enemy, the Social Welfare Agency and in their first act, and take over the Belltower of St. Marks in Venice and threatens to blow it up with a missile they smuggled inside, unless the government release Aaron Cicero and his comrades. But unknown to the Government and the SWA, the siege is actually a trap in order to kill the cyborgs using new heavy weaponry, which they succeed dealing major casualties against them despite suffering the same fate as well and the Belltower saved. The siege becomes a boost of morale for the Padanian movement who join Giacomo's banner and with Cristiano orders, Giacomo leads a campaign of bombings at cities across Italy and takes over a nuclear power plant outside of Turin and demand that the government dismantle the Social Welfare Agency. [1]


"Giacomo" is the italian name for "James" 

References Edit

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