Pinokkio (ピノッキオ), Pinocchio
Pinokkio (ピノッキオ), Pinocchio
Season Two, Episode Two
(J) Air date 14 January 2008
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In a flashback, Pinocchio, a young child, commits his first murder under the auspices of his foster father Cristiano. In the present, he finishes an assassination for the Padania Republic Faction (PRF). The leaders of the PRF, including Cristiano, meet to plan a bombing on the Strait of Messina Bridge, and they enlist the aid of Flanca and Franco, a pair of terrorist bombers, to destroy the bridge, with Pinocchio assisting them. Flanca is surprised at Pinocchio's social awkwardness, especially when he fails to identify that her car is an Alfa Romeo Giulietta. Afterward, Pinocchio tells Aurora, a girl living near him, to stay away from him. At the Section Two headquarters, Hilshire and Marco observe Angelica, Marco's partner, and Rico, as Hilshire prepares to leave on a mission with Triela in Montalcino. [1]

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