Retirement of the Tibetan Terrier (チベタンテリアの引退)
Retirement of the Tibetan Terrier (チベタンテリアの引退)
Season Two, Episode Six
(J) Air date 11 February 2008
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Caterina and the Circle of Revenge → 07


Section Two is asked to watch over an important politician, Chairwoman Isabella d'Angelo, whose agency is in charge of the Strait of Messina Bridge project. Meanwhile, the PRF agents send Nino, the "Tibetan Terrier", one of their best kidnappers, to seize her. Henrietta and Rico quarrel after the latter breaks the former's kaleidoscope, and Jose takes it to be repaired, at the very antiques shop in which Nino works as a cover. Jose and Henrietta are then assigned to guard Chairwoman d'Angelo, who debates the morality of using children as soldiers with Pieri Lorenzo. Jose discovers a PRF agent on the Chairwoman's staff and uses his information to set a trap for Nino's men. Meanwhile, the PRF agents themselves decide to charge in despite the advice of Nino, who has made up his mind to retire. Henrietta and Rico easily foil the PRF's kidnapping attempt, and the Chairwoman is saved. Nino leaves town, bidding a fond farewell to Flanca. [1]

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Adapted from? which chapter of manga



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