Caterina and the Circle of Revenge (カテリーナ 復讐の円環)
Caterina and the Circle of Revenge (カテリーナ 復讐の円環)
Season Two, Episode Seven
(J) Air date 18 February 2008
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Flashbacks reveal that Flanca, whose given name was Caterina, was the person who introduced Patricia to Marco when they were both going to the University of Rome. Flanca, Franco, and Pinocchio are hiding out and recovering at her farm in Frascati after the escape from Section Two. Additional flashbacks reveal how, after her father dies in prison, Flanca seeks out the bomber Franco to get revenge on the national government. Driving back from a meeting with her uncle, Flanca stops to assist some stranded motorists, who instead turn out to be Section One agents. Franco and Pinocchio rescue her, killing all the agents in the process, and take her to a nearby hotel to recuperate. Section Two arrives and sets off an anti-personnel mine left under one of the agent’s bodies, but Henrietta’s quick actions save everyone from fatal injury.[1]

Adapted FromEdit

  • Book Five Chapter 24: "Caterina" (カテリーナ, "Katerīna")



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References Edit

  1. Quoted from Wikipedia

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