Budding Feelings (芽生える感情)
Budding Feelings (芽生える感情)
Season Two, Episode Eleven
(J) Air date 24 March 2008
Episode guide
Flowers of Good Will → 10
The Fighting Puppet → 12


An assassin walks through a house, killing everyone he encounters. He calls Cristiano to report the successful completion of the job and he arrives to confirm it. As he leaves, Cristiano detects a false floor and in a room below they find a young boy, a boy who will become Pinocchio. Back in Frascati, Flanca, Franco, and Pinocchio rest and recuperate. Flanca’s uncle calls, informing them that the police almost arrested him and will soon make a move to arrest Cristiano. They discuss plans to bomb the Strait of Messina Bridge. Section Two is expecting them, however, and multiple fratelli are in position to guard the structure along with the army and the navy. [1]

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Adapted from? which chapter of manga



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References Edit

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