The Fighting Puppet (戦う人形)
The Fighting Puppet (戦う人形)
Season Two, Episode Twelve
(J) Air date 24 March 2008
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Budding Feelings → 11
And So Pinocchio Becomes Human → 13


Back at the bridge, the fratelli are searching for Flanca, Franco, and Pinocchio. Henrietta discovers the three setting charges in the main support. She opens fire and a fire-fight ensues. They escape in a boat and Franco sets off the charges, though it is insufficient to drop the bridge. They return to the farm in Frascati and Triela returns to the house in Naples where she had her first fight with Pinocchio. Pinocchio goes to Cristiano’s house in Milan just prior to Section Two launching their assault. They take out a gas station where some of Cristiano’s men are using as a guard house and then set up a road block to prevent anyone from escaping. In his house, Cristiano is planning his escape, but Section Two arrives and launches their assault. Triela and Pinocchio face each other for the second time. [1]

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Adapted from? which chapter of manga



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