And So Pinocchio Becomes Human (そしてピノッキオは人間に)
And So Pinocchio Becomes Human (そしてピノッキオは人間に)
Season Two, Episode Thirteen
(J) Air date 31 March 2008
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The Fighting Puppet → 12
The Light of Venice, The Darkness of the Heart → 01


The story of Pinocchio comes to a conclusion. Flanca and Franco decide to come to the aid of Cristiano and Pinocchio. Triela and Pinocchio battle it out with guns and knives while Hilshire looks for Cristiano. Pinocchio shoots Triela with her own pistol and Cristiano is shot and then captured by Jean and Rico. Flanca and Franco arrive to rescue Cristiano and make their escape by car. They reach the roadblock and Angelica shoots Flanca. They fail to negotiate a bend in the road and crash into a river. Triela finds Pinocchio and her training allows her to finally defeat him. In the aftermath of the battle, they dredge the car from the sea, but no bodies are found. All of the cyborgs are congratulated by their handlers for jobs well-done. Back at the compound, the girls settle back into their daily routine. [1]

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Adapted from? which chapter of manga



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References Edit

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