The Dying Swan, Part One
Gunslinger Girl Chapter 096
Chapter 96 - 00
The Dying Swan, Part One
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Alessandro informs Petrushka that she has leukemia and that she will likely die while the other cyborg girls eavesdrop on the conversation.

While discussing Petruska’s condition, Alessandro asks Dr. Belisario to reverse Petruska’s conditioning to which Dr. Belissario agrees. Realizing that the Technology Section Chief would not agree to this, Dr. Belissario comes up with the cover story that he needs to temporarily reverse the conditioning process in order to determine if there were any mistakes made in treating Petruska’s original bone cancer. The section chief allows Dr. Belissario to reverse the conditioning.

Dr. Belissario’s conversation with the section chief causes Dr. Belissaro to remember his research at Sapienza University where he experimented with human memory. Five years ago he, shortly before an experiment, he was taken into questioning by agents for the intelligence for the Internal Ministry, due to suspicion that he was involved in the Croce incident.

Dr. Belissario prepared Petruska for the conditioning-reversal but warns her that after this process she will once again have control of her emotions, including love. Un-phased by this, Petruska decides to proceed with the procedure.

As the conditioning is reversed, she begins to remember her former life as a ballet dancer and Alexi, the boy she loved before leaving her ballet school for treatment, and begins to cry.

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