The Dying Swan, Part Two
Gunslinger Girl Chapter 097
Chapter 97 - 00
The Dying Swan, Part Two
Professional Status
Personal Status


Petrushka awakens with her conditioning fully reversed and her old memories restored. Despite losing her conditioning Petrushka tells Alessandro that she still has feeling for him.

Two days later Rico and Claes help film Petrushka’s dancing. While watching Petrushka dance both girls think about their mortality and how they would like to die gracefully.

Later in Moscow, Alessandro contacts Alexi Bodoroff and shows him the video of Petrushka dancing. Although Alexi does not recognize her appearance he immediately recognizes Petrushka’s dancing style and realized that is it Elizabeth. Alessandro then informs Alexi of what has happened to Petrushka. He then realizes that Petrushka will never achieve her goal of becoming a famous dancer.

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