Hartmann's Letter
Gunslinger Girl Chapter 098
Chapter 98 - Cover
Hartmann's Letter
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A flashback to when Victor Hilshire and Mario Bossi save Triela is juxtaposed with Roberta Guellfi informing Mario of Victor and Triela’s death. Roberta informs Mario that in Victor’s will, she was left a key to Victor’s safe deposit box. With the knowledge that Mario and Victor knew each other, she invites Mario to come to the Credit Sussie bank to view the contents of the Deposit box. To which Mario agrees.

In the deposit box Robberta finds a letter written by Hilshire. The letter recounts Rachelle Belleut's efforts to save Triela’s life and stop a child sex traffing ring. Hilshire believed that Rachelle passed her “courageous spirit” onto Triela before she died. Realizing that Treila’s life was short, Hilshire feared that the bond between Triela and Rachelle would be lost. Hilshire reveals to Roberta that he had secretly preserved some of Triela’s eggs and entrusted them to her.

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  • "The link is not yet severed" - Victor Hilshire

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