The Hope
Gunslinger Girl Chapter 100
Chapter 100 - 30
The Hope
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Personal Status


Over a decade passes since the events of the last chapter. Roberta Guelfi now lives in California with her daughter, Speranza, who was conceived using one of Triela’s eggs.

On Monday, at a business seminar, Speranza’s class is given the question: “How much could you earn with just $5 and two hours?” After class, while thinking over the question, she meets Fugo Meuller. The two converse over their reasons for taking the class. Fugo reveals to Speranza that he is a humanities student with in making movies. He takes the class to gain financial knowhow to fund his movies. Speranza is a medical student who takes the class simply out of her own personal interest. Before parting way, Fugo invites Speranza to his dorm.

On Tuesday, Speranza arrives at Fugo’s dorm which is nothing more than a couch in a hallway. Fugo’s plan to make money is to conduct a net interview of Speranza and give people the opportunity to donate money upon seeing the interview. Fugo tells Speranza how he admires her intelligence in addition to that he is impressed by how she was able to skip grades and get into medical school. Conversely, Speranza thought these traits made her different from other people. Saddened by this she begins to leave when Fugo says that he likes her. Surprised by this, Speranza agrees to do the interview.

On Wednesday Speranza returns to Fugo dorm to shoot the interview. Speranza talks about Fugo’s dreams of becoming a movie director and encourages people to donate a dollar. On Thursday, Fugo edits and publishes the movie onto the internet.

On Friday the scene shifts to Rome, Italy. Jean Croce is now a chief, presumably the chief of what remains of the SWA. His office is full of pictures of his family including one of Rico. Jean is informed that Nuovo Azzurro has plans to break Giacomo Dante out of prison and keeps tight watch over the situation. Jean’s employees are watching the video made by Fugo and Speranza. Realizing who Speranza is, he tells them to donate a dollar to Fugo. Meanwhile in California, Fugo and Speranza’s video has generated over $3 million in donations.

Sunday Ten years later, Fugo’s documentary “The Hope” has been given an award. Speranza goes on stage to accept the award. In her speech she thanks all of the people who donated money to make the documentary. She thanks her mother along with her “second mother in heaven and the man most special to her.” Speranza closes her speech saying that she is certain that “there will always be hope in the world.”

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