Tentai Kansoku (天体観測 - orione)
Orione (Orion)
Season One, Episode Two
Air date 12 January 2007
(J) Air date 16 October 2003
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(The episode begins with a replay of the series of events that occured at the end of the previous episode, mainly the shooting, including the brief conversation between Henrietta and Jose in the car, where Henrietta states that she just wanted to help him.)

The first scene starts with a voice over from Jose giving a more indepth explanation of the Social Welfare Agency as the Fratello pull into the Agency. This changes to a surgery room, where Henrietta is operated on. The doctor explains although the Cybernetics are easily replaceable, she will require surgery every time an injury is sustained, which takes it's toll on the body and brain. The doctor and Jose then have a conversation about what happened and how Henrietta wanted to protect him, which leads the doctor to suggest increasing her level of conditioning. Jose (as a voiceover) explains what conditioning is and how it effects the girls. He then continues to explain that Henrietta has lost all memories, both good and bad.

In the following scene, Jose fills out a day pass, to take Henrietta on a trip. When Jose's brother Jean sees, he takes the paperwork off the desk, checking to see what the trip is about. He looks stern, but approvingly states the food there is good.

At the restaurant, Jose explains to Henrietta that along with work, she must also learn manners and to act properly in order to blend in with the outside world. Giving her pointers like how to drink tea politely. The meal takes a surprising twist though, when the waiter removes the cutlery from the table. Henrietta mistakenly things the waiter is going to attack Jose with a knife, so she jumps up and disarms him, pinning him to the table and holding the same knife above his back/head. Jose shouts her name which stops her from attacking. He tells her to return to her seat and pays the waiter 500Euro to ignore the incident.

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  • Before anything new begins in this episode, it replays the shooting from the end of the first episode.


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