Shōnen (少年 - Ragazzo)
Ragazzo (Boy)
Season One, Episode Three
Air date 19 January 2007
(J) Air date 30 October 2003
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Rico, another of the young assassin girls, recalls her finding by her handler, Jean, and how she was able to move thanks to the cybernetics she received. In the present, she is assigned on a mission to assassinate a politician, and in a preliminary run through the building, meets a boy named Emilio. She is unsure of how to react to him, but afterward, she asks Henrietta to teach her how to play the violin since Emilio asked her to. During the mission, Rico succeeds in killing the politician, but encounters Emilio, and is forced to kill him to preserve the mission's secrecy. [1]

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"I love my life at the social welfare agency very much." - Rico

References Edit

  1. Quoted from Wikipedia

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