Gelato (Ice Cream)
Gelato (Ice Cream)
Season One, Episode Six
Air date 9 February 2007
(J) Air date 27 November 2003
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After barely defusing a bomb in a subway, the police begin to search for Enrico Beldini, a noted bomber. Henrietta and Jose overhear a conversation in which Beldini deals with the Padania Republic Faction for a bomb to use. The PRF, namely members Flanca and Franco, agrees, but Enrico is tailed by Carabinieri agents throughout the city. Subsequently, Henrietta, Rico, and Triela raid Enrico's hideout, and they are able to dispatch his guards and capture him alive. Afterward, Jose gives Henrietta gelato from the Piazza di Spagna as her reward. Flanca and Franco accidentally meet Henrietta, and remark after assuming that she is a daughter of wealth that she is one of the ones they are fighting for. [1]

Adapted FromEdit

  • Book Two Chapter 7: "Ice Cream in the Piazza di Spagna"



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References Edit

  1. Quoted from Wikipedia

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