Il Principe del Regno Della Pasta (The Prince of the Pasta Kingdom)
Il Principe del Regno Della Pasta (The Prince of the Pasta Kingdom)
Season One, Episode Eight
Air date 23 February 2007
(J) Air date 18 December 2003
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Henrietta undergoes emotional testing with Dr. Bianchi, and afterward, Angelica also comes, who is revealed to have suffered memory loss. Marco, her handler, is confronted by Bianchi over his lack of care, and Marco reveals his frustration with teaching things to someone that merely forgets them. He recalls how, to sooth Angelica, he would read a story called "Il Principe del Regno Della Pasta." However, three months after their training started, she was unable to remember any part of the story, to his dissatisfaction. Combined with Marco's girlfriend deserting him due to his job, Marco treats Angelica coldly, regarding her solely as an assassin. [1]

Adapted FromEdit

  • Book Two Chapter 10: "Prince of the Land of Pasta (Part 1)" (パスタの国の王子様(前編), "Pasuta no Kuni no Ōjisama (Zenpen)"
  • Book Two Chapter 11: "Prince of the Land of Pasta (Part 2)" (パスタの国の王子様(後編), "Pasuta no Kuni no Ōjisama (Kōhen)"



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"I'm only at four this month, but last month I killed ten people." - Henrietta

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