Amare (To Love)
Amare (To Love)
Season One, Episode Ten
Air date 29 January 2004
(J) Air date 9 March 2007
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Jose and Henrietta are on leave on a cruise to Sicily, and he comments that Elsa and Lauro were found dead in a park. Section One Chief Draghi decides to investigate, and sends Pietro Fermi and Elenora Gabrielli, with the motive being to undercut the credibility of using mechanized bodies. Pietro and Elenora tour the facility of Section Two and converse with Triela. Meanwhile, Jean discovers a serious fact concerning the case and lies to Section One, stating that Elsa died protecting Lauro, although Pietro is ultimately not satisfied with that answer and decides to further investigate. [1]

Adapted FromEdit

  • Book One Chapter 4: "The Death of Elsa de Sica (Part 1)" (エルザ·デ·シーカの死(前編) "Eruza de Sīka no Shi (Zenpen)")



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References Edit

  1. Quoted from Wikipedia

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