Febbre Alta (High Fever)
Febbre Alta (High Fever)
Season One, Episode Eleven
Air date 5 February 2004
(J) Air date 16 March 2007
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Simbiosi→ 12


Pietro and Elenora leave for Sicily to meet with Jose and Henrietta, who are staying at one of Jose's family's summer homes. Pietro questions Jose on details about Elsa while Elenora helps Henrietta with the cooking. As they prepare to go shopping, a thief steals Henrietta's camera, and she retrieves it, with Elenora preventing her from seriously injuring the thief. With Elenora's aid, the dinner is a success, and Henrietta later confides in Elenora that she feels a compunction to be more than an ordinary girl for Jose's sake. She then determines that Elsa killed Lauro and committed suicide after realizing that her love for him was not reciprocated. [1]

Adapted FromEdit

  • Book One Chapter 5: "The Death of Elsa de Sica (Part 2)" (エルザ·デ·シーカの死(後編) "Eruza de Sīka no Shi (Kōhen)"



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References Edit

  1. Quoted from Wikipedia

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