Simbiosi (Symbiosis)
Simbiosi (Symbiosis)
Season One, Episode Twelve
Air date 12 February 2004
(J) Air date 23 March 2007
Episode guide
Febbre Alta → 11
Stella Cadente→ 13


Angelica is injured in a training session, leading the head of the Social Welfare Agency to question the value of Section Two. As a result, an elaborate scheme is hatched, with Claes posing as the daughter of a member of parliament in order to create a false hostage situation to eliminate Five Republics Faction terrorists. Despite her recent injury, Angelica asks to participate. The group manages to dispatch the terrorists, although Angelica is injured shortly before Claes knocks her attacker unconscious. Marco expresses his disapproval of Angelica afterward. In the hospital, Angelica exclaims that she would rather be dead than suffer Marco's anger and indifference. Claes angrily slaps her, claiming to have regretted saving her. [1]

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Adapted from? which chapter of manga



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References Edit

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