The Light of Venice, The Darkness of the Heart (ヴェネツィアの光、心の闇) 
The Light of Venice, The Darkness of the Heart (ヴェネツィアの光、心の闇)
Season Two (OVA), Episode Fourteen
(J) Air date 24 October 2008
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Jean goes to visit the grave of his fiance and encounters her brother, Fernando, and the two have a fight. Fernando decides to attack a PRF safe house, but is stopped by Jose and Jean. Marco and Angelica then proceed to wipe it out. Jean and Rico travel to Venice to eliminate a local mafia boss supporting the Rome terrorists, enlisting the help of Altmeyer, an agent with the Venice office. While shooting terrorists fleeing on a motor yacht, Rico is knocked off a perch and into the lagoon, where she starts to sink. Jean rescues her and as a reward, gives her the rest of the day off to go play on the beach. [1]

Adapted FromEdit

  • Book Six Chapter 28: "Dum Spiro, Spero"



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References Edit

  1. Quoted from Wikipedia

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