Fantasma (ファンタズマ) 
Fantasma (ファンタズマ)
Season Two (OVA), Episode Fifteen
(J) Air date 24 October 2008
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The Light of Venice, The Darkness of the Heart → 01


Henrietta and Rico, escorted by Hilshire, are traveling by ferry to Sicily to meet Jose and Jean, who are on vacation in the summer house Jose and Henrietta stayed in on their last visit to Sicily. Henrietta discovers the clothes of the Croce brothers' dead younger sister, Enrica, in the closet and Jose has her wear one of her summer dresses. Jean gets drunk and dreams of Enrica, who scolds Jean for letting Jose dress Henrietta in her clothes, saying it is not fair for Henrietta to replace Enrica in Jose’s heart. But Jean blames himself for how Jose is and tells Enrica to be upset at him, instead. Down on the beach, Jose and Henrietta walk along the shore. The following day, the girls are playing in the water as the handlers discuss matters before walking out to be with them. [1]

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