Hey! Welcome to the Gunslinger Girl Wiki. Currently:

  • 219 articles exist . . .
  • 3,567 edits have been performed . . .
  • And 1 registered Users are currently online.

A guide for new usersEdit

We're a relatively new wiki, which has started to grow rapidly in the last two months. As a growing community, new repeat users are needed to help write and edit articles, upload graphics, and contribute their own unique idea of what the Gunslinger Girl wiki should look like.

We have only a few rules:

  1. Do anything you want, as long as it adheres to some basic sense. Don't rollback decent looking pages when there are other, underdeveloped or nonexistent ones that deserve attention, for example.
  2. Whatever you contribute should be written in the best grammar you can provide.
  3. State the facts as correct as you know them to be.
  4. When pictures are featured, try to use scans from the manga, season one of the anime, or real world equivalents. I generally favour these over the second season of the anime, which tend to dumb down the overall look of this terrific, adult series.
  5. Note that we're aiming for a professional, encyclopedic look to the entire page, so if your contributions are modified or edited by myself later, don't be offended! Just think that your work is valuable enough to be refined.

And of course, if you've got any questions, ask me! Moonraker-6 20:47, March 6, 2011 (UTC)

The plan for 2011Edit

  1. Hit 200 quality articles at a minimum, the fewer stubs the better.
  2. Make sure everything is grammatically correct, and features as many images as possible.
  3. Ensure we've eliminated as much copy-and-pasted Wikipedia text as we can.
  4. Have a loyal group of at least three or four Users who can continue to develop and maintain the site.
  5. Then get our Wiki spotlighted mid-year.

Priority pages:Edit

We need to fill out the Characters category. Any names written in red currently don't have a bio page. Even stubs are welcome here as a start.

The Dictionary is another good place to start. Mostly, this is where the Translators Notes found in the back pages of each Gunslinger Girl book should be added, one page per Note. Anything else that could be added, like a definition of a term, or something you as a reader have noticed, is welcome.

Car nuts will enjoy writing or refining stuff found in the Vehicles category.


So far, what do you think to the graphic design and layout of the Gunslinger Girl Wiki?

The poll was created at 20:47 on March 6, 2011, and so far 15 people voted.

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