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Henrietta (manga)
Kanji ヘンリエッタ
Race Cyborg
Gender Female
Professional Status
Handler Jose Croce
Affiliation Social Welfare Agency
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Relatives Unnamed Parents (Deceased)
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Yūka Nanri (S1)

Kana Akutsu (S2)

English Laura Bailey

Henrietta (ヘンリエッタ) was one of the Social Welfare Agency's first generation cyborgs with her handler as Jose Croce. She was also one of the main protagonists of the series.


Henrietta il teatrino

Henrietta as she appears in Season Two

Henrietta had fair skin with short, light brown hair and bangs. She had brown eyes. Henrietta was seen wearing dresses most of the time, and was almost always seen carrying around an Amati violin case, in which she stored a P90. When she wore a uniform owned by Jose's sister, Enrica, her appearance was very akin to her.


Henrietta was quite shy. However, she had been shown to assert her opinions when upset, like when she confronted Marco about visiting Angelica in the hospital. Like the other cyborgs, Henrietta was very protective of her handler, and attended to even the slightest threatening gesture made against him. Henrietta also showed signs of jealousy when she felt he was paying attention to other women. She was also starting to forget past events, which caused her great distress. Henrietta's preferred weapons were the SIG-Sauer P-239 Two-Tone (carried in a small of the back holster), the Fabrique Nationale P90 PDW (carried in an Amati violin case), and the FN FAL. She and her handler have also used the Walther WA 2000 sniper rifle and Ingram MAC-10.


Henrietta was the only survivor of a brutal attack on her family. The incident left her severely psychologically unstable and suicidal. With a wrecked mind and body she was raped, Henrietta was turned over to the SWA, where she was transformed into a cyborg. During her surgery, she revealed that her uterus was removed


In volume 14 of the manga, Henrietta meets her end when an attack led by the Five Republics Faction triggers haunting memories of her days before entering the Social Welfare Agency. In a confused state, Henrietta accidentally shot Jose in the abdomen, critically wounding him. Henrietta had also suffered a lower back injury previously, making it hard for her to move. Jose instructed Henrietta to remember the Elsa de Sica investigation and recall what she had said. He told her to "fulfill her promise" from that day. Henrietta and Jose are both found dead at the end of chapter 83. The scene infers that they commit suicide together, with Jose shooting Henrietta in the right eye and Henrietta shooting Jose in the left temple area.

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