Here are the results to the polls held on the mainpage in the past months:

April - May 2011Edit

Of the Gunslinger Girl's personal handguns, which do you prefer? (40 respondents)

  1. SIG-Sauer P-232 (Triela) (15 votes)
  2. Česká Zbrojovka CZ-75 (Rico) (10 votes)
  3. SIG-Sauer P-239 (Henrietta) (6 votes)
  4. Heckler and Koch VP-70 (Claes) (4 votes)
  5. Steyr TMP (Angelica) (1 vote)

March - April 2011Edit

Which season of the anime do you prefer? (40 respondents)

  1. Season One (30 votes)
  2. Season Two (aka il Teatrino) (10 votes)

February - May 2011Edit

Who's your favorite Gunslinger Girl? (121 respondents)

  1. Henrietta and Triela (Tied at 40 votes each)
  2. Rico (22 votes)
  3. Claes (7 votes)
  4. Beatrice and Elsa de Sica (Tied at 4 votes each)
  5. Angelica (2 votes)
  6. Pia (1 vote)

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