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Rico (manga)
Kanji リコ
Romanji Riko
Race Cyborg
Gender Female
Age 14
Professional Status
Handler Jean Croce
Personal Status
Status Alive
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Kanako Mitsuhashi (S1)

Anri Shiono (S2)

English Luci Christian

Rico (リコ riko) is a child cyborg assasin in the Social Welfare Agency. Her handler is Jean Croce.


Confined to a hospital by severe birth defects [1], Rico was signed over by her parents to the SWA on her eleventh birthday.


Rico has light skin and blond hair which she wears in a hime-cut style which exposes her ears. Her eyes are light blue. She tends to wear masculine clothing, similar to that of Triela.



Rico, as she appears in Season Two of the anime.

Rico is a rather quiet girl, usually only speaking when spoken to, though when she is with the other girls she does speak a little more freely. She feels happiness over the little things, and loves her new body and life at the SWA, viewing each day as a blessing and maintaining a happy disposition. She has a strong devotion to her handler, and only fears losing her body and not being useful to Jean anymore. Rico appears to be the only cyborg with a clear memory of her life before coming to the SWA.[2]

Her preferred weapons are the "Pre-B" CZ-75 pistol and the Dragunov SVD. She has also been shown wielding a Beretta SCP-70/90 and is additionally shown training with a IMI Galil MAR and a Benelli M4 Super 90 shotgun. Her preferred support weapon is the MG 3 general purpose machine gun. During the Nuclear Power Plant attack Rico uses a SCAR-H CQC (stock folded) equipped with a 553 EO-Tech sight, and a tac-light with a pressure pad attached to a vertical foregrip.


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