Stella Cadente (Shooting Star)
Stella Cadente (Shooting Star)
Season One, Episode Thirteen
Air date 19 February 2004
(J) Air date 30 March 2007
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Simbiosi→ 12
Distance between Two People ~ Brother and Sister → 01


The girls plan to see a meteor shower, but Henrietta is distressed when Jose reveals that he is too busy and cannot attend. As a result, Triela tries to find a new chaperone, and Hilshire agrees after Triela helps him with his work. Meanwhile, Henrietta visits Angelica in the hospital, where Angelica hears a dog barking, causing her to remember her old dog. Henrietta relays this information to Marco, who is apathetic, but Henrietta implores him to visit his charge. He initially refuses and asks Henrietta whether she is dissatisfied with her mechanical condition, to which she responds that she has accepted who she is. Marco later goes to visit Angelica as the other girls go to see the meteor shower. The girls begin to sing Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 as Angelica listens to it in her hospital bedroom. She then asks Marco to read "Il Principe del Regno Della Pasta." [1]

Adapted FromEdit

  • Book Two Chapter 8: "Song of Joy" (歓びの歌, "Yorokobi no Uta")



Unanswered QuestionsEdit


"You all know the truth. We're all going to die, and we'll die cold and lonely, not knowing anything!" - Angelica

References Edit

  1. Quoted from Wikipedia

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