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The Austrian AUG (Armee-Universal-Gewehr) by Steyr is the preferred weapon of Angelica. Its a 5.56mm bullpup assault rifle made of mostly synthetic materials, especially plastics. Standard service rifle of the Austrian Army, the US Border Patrol, and many counter-terrorism units the world over, the AUG is starting to see even larger employment with the production of licensed copies, the first being the Australian-produced Austral AUG. So well received was the gun, that it beat out a domestic competitor known as the Bushmaster and is now the official primary weapon of that country's army.


The AUG holds up to 30 rounds of ammunition in a "waffle" patterned magazine, and is usually seen with a 1.5 x magnification scope made by Swarovski Optik above the trigger group, with a folding foregrip in front of the large, injection molded pistol grip. In terms of color, the rifle is available in snow, urban (A.K.A. Euro Light) grey, and upon request by the United States for their Border Patrol bulk order, stealth black.


Like most contemporary assault rifles, the AUG can be fully disassembled with few tools, and transported in a small suitcase; Angelica has been known to sleep with one, and frequently practices reassembling it when she wakes in the morning, even when restricted to a hospital bed in the first volume of the manga, and final episode of the anime (season one).

Multiple barrels lengths are available, some which feature internal sound suppression, or can accept external silencers. And to accommodate the diversity of modern armies, it can easily be modified to eject spent rounds to the left or right, depending on whether the shooter is left or right handed, though this requires partial disassemble of the stock and cannot be done on the battlefield.


Multiple variations of the AUG are available however the only one seen in the Gunslinger Girl series is the Light Machine Gun (LMG) variant, the Steyr AUG H-Bar.