Victor Hilshire (ヒルシャー Hirushā), originally named Victor Hartman, is Triela's Handler in the Social Welfare Agency.


Victor Hartman was a Europol detective from Germany tasked with inter-departmental liaison at Interpol HQ. He wanted to join the Child Abuse Regulations Section to help expose a child-torture group operating in Holland. However, his boss denied him the request on the grounds that he was “too soft” to deal with the sort of cases that the team came up with. Later approached by Rachelle Belleut, the two decided to investigate a warehouse where torture sessions were rumored to take place. They received information concerning the child smuggling ring from Mario Bossi, a Camorra leader who had experienced an attack of conscience. In the course of rescuing a girl from a snuff movie, Rachelle was mortally wounded. Hartman and Bossi managed to rescue the girl and get her to the hospital where she fell into a coma as a result of her experiences. The two men then took her to Italy for treatment at the Social Welfare Agency, fooling the Dutch police who needed her in Holland as part of their case. Only later did Hartman discover that the girl, now called Triela, was to become a brainwashed killing machine. He was outraged but gave in to Jean Croce's coercion and agreed to become her handler, changing his name to Hilshire in order to cover his tracks.

Hilshire as he appears in Season 2


Hilshire has dark, slightly wavy hair and green eyes. He has fairly pale skin and is usually seen sporting business attire, much like the other handlers and employees of the Social Welfare Agency.


During the assault on the nuclear plant, Triela is severely wounded but manages to hold off several soldiers allowing Rico and Henrietta to advance further into the plant. Hilshire comes to her aid after Rico informs him that Triela had been injured.[1] The two are last seen having died in each other’s arms presumably after being overrun by enemy soldiers on. [2] Their bodies are later found by Marco.


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