IMG 0273

Walther PPK in 9mm kurz(.380)


The Walter P5 CCW handgun, seen being used by Henrietta.

Although not commonly (if at all) seen in the Gunslinger Girl saga, the Walther PPK is a world famous CCW (concealed carry weapon) class, nine-milimeter caliber automatic pistol, that inspired two other designs that do see airtime in the series. Although not mechanically related, Triela's SIG-Sauer P232SL CCW is nearly identical in appearance and dimension, while the Walther P38 derived P5 is (albeit rarely) seen being used by Henrietta, as seen in the promotional wallpaper image to the right. Ordinarily, however, her sidearm of choice is the SIG-Sauer P-239 Two-Tone, as issued to her by the Social Welfare Agency.