Winchester Model 1897 Trench Gun
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Winchester Model 1897 shotgun
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The Winchester Model 1897 shotgun is the first commercially successful pump-action shotgun. It holds 6 (5+1) rounds of 12-gauge cartridges.


The weapon has a perforated heat guard around the barrel and an exposed hammer that acts as its safety. The Model 1897 has an adapter that allowed the attachment of the M1917 17-inch sword Bayonet.

The Trench gun has the unique ability to "slam-fire," which is achieved by holding the trigger down and continually cycling the pump. The shotgun will fire repeatedly until out of ammunition.


It is used by U.S. and British military forces in World War 1 and World War 2 and by many world police departments even today in some Third World countries. It seems the Trenchgun is the favorite weapon of Triela, which is odd since its original production run ended in 1945. A modern reproduction is manufactured today by the Chinese company Norinco for export.